Why Choose Securitech180?

Securitech180 is a cyber security solution that was developed by our team of experts who have over 13 years hands-on experience in cyber security.

Our fully-automated threat response platform is the culmination of our years of experience – designed to meet the advanced needs of today’s market.

Our unique, easy-to-install & virtually maintenance-free system

is built to meet the needs of business of all sizes and can also be a perfect addition to the suite of services offered by todays Multiservice Providers (MSPs).

Securitech180 Offers:

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  • Identify, Defend and Resolve Threats Automatically Every 180 Seconds
  • Continually Monitors for Indicators of New Threats Every 180 Seconds
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  • Pulls from Threat Exchanges Every 180 Seconds
  • Operates 24/7/365
  • Once installed there is no maintenance required from our clients
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  • Fully Automated
  • Works 24/7/365
  • Prevents Business Disruptions/Shutdowns
  • Mitigates the Impact of Active Outbreaks Every 180 Seconds

Cyber Threatbusters!

Our professionals have been at the forefront of cyber security for quite a while now. Over the years our team has gained the experience and expertise, which has resulted in an advanced, autonomous threat protection at an affordable price point. ST180 does what the world’s best team of IT experts could do – except we do it every 180 seconds through automation.

0 Reported Breaches

ST180 stands guard at your company’s network edge, blocking threats before they even reach a device.

3 Min. Response Time

ST180 automatically scans network traffic to identify, isolate and demobilize new threats every 180 seconds – all day, every day.

13 Years in Business

We’ve spent years perfecting our approach to cyber security & forging global alliances that allow us to provide an unmatched level of cyber security at an extremely affordable price.

Millions of Events Scanned Monthly

Even a single successful attack could put your entire business at risk. ST180 is proud of our 100% success rate in keeping our clients (and yours) completely protected.

Built For All Businesses

Large to Small As Well As MSPs

Securitech180 offers protection that’s scalable, so it can meet the big security demands of large enterprise companies and still be adapted to fit the budget of smaller business operations. We also partner with Managed Service Providers to add to the services they provide to their clients.

A Welcome Addition For Managed Service Providers

ST180 also partners with MSPs to offer their clients a new level of cyber protection they won’t find anywhere else. The fact that ST180 is easy to install and completely automated, requiring no additional manpower on your clients’ part, means you can add a world-class service to your list of offerings. Let us also show you how ST180 can help increase your revenue as well.