Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

SecuriTech180 has been in operation since 2009.

At SecuriTech180 our mission is to provide protection that is affordable.  SecuriTech180 is a subscription service that provides affordable protection for all sizes of organizations. Our rates vary with with size and the complexity of the job, but our mission to be affordable is constant.  Contact us today for a demo and quote.

Our portfolio contains companies ranging in size from 15 employees to well over 100,000 employees.

SecuriTech180 serves both private & public sectors ranging from small business to organizations over $20 billion. Industry sectors we serve include; government (federal & local), healthcare, manufacturing, services, and retail.  It’s important to note we work with ALL industries, as the need for cybersecurity applies to all organizations and the threat is growing every day.

No, our mission is to provide an affordable and fast solution to increasing wave of cyber-attacks on organizations. Our mission does not include selling marked up insurance plans to our valued clients at a profit. If your priority is insurance, we recommend contacting an insurance professional. If you are looking for affordable cyber security protection, contact us today.

No, we supplement & make for more efficient tasking of security engineers by leveraging cutting-edge automation and integration.

Our offices and staff are proudly from and located in the United States.