How It Works

Automated Cyber Protection Around The Clock

Simply put, hackers use automated attacks, your defense is to go automated with around the clock protection provided by Securitech180.

What makes Securitech180 different than other cybersecurity solutions is easy to explain.

ST180 is an easy to install pre-configured appliance strategically placed to stand guard at your network’s edge.

Once installed ST180 watches out for new threats emerging as a result of its constant monitoring of global data bases and shared intelligence collected by all subscribers alike. ST180 then blocks these malicious intruders automatically – within only 180 seconds – to ensure your network stays protected.

ST180 is Ever Evolving And Adapting

our team is constantly leveraging data from a multitude of sources around the globe, including:

Global Threat Databases

Local Client Environment

ST180 Subscribers Shared Intelligence

Our ST180 appliance then automatically scans your network’s inbound and outbound traffic against the newly received information in order to identify, isolate, and immobilize new threats.

Every 180 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with ST180 you are automatically protected.